Why Should Home Sellers Hire Real Estate Agents In CT?

Why Should Home Sellers Hire Real Estate Agents In CT? For over a century, real estate has existed in one or another form. The entire ordeal of selling or buying a property involves several legal procedures along with the need to establish a foundation of trust between the buyer and the seller. There are relatively […]

Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent!

Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent! You might weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of hiring the best real estate agents in CT if you are ready to buy or sell a home. Some people won’t deal with brokers or real estate agents as they believe property agent fees are too high. […]

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agents In Norwalk, CT?

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agents In Norwalk, CT? Buying and selling estate is no child’s play; it is generally regarded as one of the most important transactions in people’s lives due to its monetary and other significance. It is thus important that someone you deeply trust assists and supports you through this […]

5 Benefits of Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit

From a carriage house to a granny flat, an accessory dwelling unit is known by many different names. Regardless of what you call it, however, there’s no denying that having one on your property has its advantages. For those who are considering adding one, here are several benefits that you can expect to receive. Increased […]

How Commercial Real Estate Investors Are Weighing Climate Change When Planning Future Business Strategies

While COVID-19 is the leading disruptor of the commercial real estate market at the moment, the industry is preparing for even further long-term disruption from climate change. According to housing professionals, the rising sea levels, increasingly volatile swings in temperature, and the routine occurrence of natural weather-related disasters— ranging from hurricanes and floods to droughts […]

Why You Should Consider Your Neighbors Ages When Looking for a House

The ages of the people in your neighborhood can affect your family’s lifestyle and the amount you will have to pay for a house, as well as the amount you may get if you sell it in the future. Look for a Neighborhood Where Your Family Will Feel at Home Knowing the demographics of a […]

4 Signs That a Rental Has Not Been Well-Maintained

When it comes to renting, it’s important to pay attention to warning signs and possible problems during a walkthrough. Though you aren’t purchasing a house, your rental will serve as your home for the length of your lease. If issues go unchecked or simply aren’t taken care of, you may want to think twice before […]

Why Now Could Be a Good Time to Buy Real Estate in the City

The real estate market is white-hot in suburbs all across the country. City dwellers are getting into bidding wars as they relocate, driving prices through the roof in the process. Meanwhile, urban markets are soft, meaning it might be the right time to consider a long-term investment. Even if you don’t plan on moving downtown […]

4 Items You May Want to Insure Before Moving

Even when everything goes according to plan, moving is pretty much guaranteed to be a stressful process. If something gets lost or damaged, however, it’s only going to get worse. That’s why it’s important to make sure that certain luxury items are insured before they’re packed and transported to your new home. While homeowners insurance […]

Your Credit Card: What’s in it for Thieves?

November 15-21 Is International Fraud Awareness Week, and here at RJB Real Estate & Associates LLC we often remind our clients to be extra careful when handling business online, especially when it deals with your credit card. Online security breaches where retailers are hacked and customers’ credit card information is stolen are becoming a regular […]